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Dec./Jan. Newsletter

Here is our December/January newsletter, HOT off the press!



October Newsletter

Here is our hot-off-the-press October newsletter!




September Newsletter


August Newsletter

Hot off the press! Lots of great information inside as we have many upcoming events.

August 2016

June Newsletter

Hot off the press! Lots of fun information inside!!

June 2016

Spring Cleanup!

Anoka Women of Today has been busy beautifying our community! On June 2nd we gathered at Fox Park to do some spring cleanup and added a new sign.

Fox Park

Then, on June 6th we cleaned up our Adopt a Highway section along Highway 7 just north of Bunker Lake Boulevard. Lots of fun things to come this summer!

Highway Cleanup

May Newsletter Published!

Here is our May 2016 Newsletter. Happy Reading! 🙂

May 2016

You’ve been flocked!

Anoka Women of Today is hosting a “flocking flamingos” fundraiser this summer in Anoka and surrounding communities!

How it works: you make a monetary donation to our Chapter based on the size of flock you would like placed in your friend’s yard, then members of our chapter will secretly place the flamingos as instructed. They will remain in the yard for 1-2 days before we come back to remove them and move on to our next “victim.”

This flocking is done in good spirits and not meant to be mean.

To flock a friend, family member, or neighbor, fill out the form below and mail along with your payment. Details at the bottom of the form.

Anti-flocking Insurance: If you would like to insure that you will not be flocked by your good-natured friends, neighbors, or family, you can purchase anti-flocking insurance for a one-time donation of $25. We will then provide you with a certificate to display so we know not to flock you.

To purchase this insurance, please fill out the form below and mail to us along with your payment.

I’ve been flocked, now what?: No need to do anything! Just enjoy the presence of these pink darlings for 1-2 days and we will come remove them at no charge. You can, however, decide to flock someone yourself! It’s a fun way to support Anoka Women of Today and have fun with your friends at the same time. Thank you for your sense of humor! 🙂






Breaking Free Food Drive

On April 22th, our chapter gathered at Two Scoops in downtown Anoka for an ice cream treat and a food drive for Breaking Free. Then, Shirley, was able to bring the food donations to their facility on April 27th. The staff was very appreciative and helped gather everything from the car to bring inside to their staging area.

With our donation, they were able to fill their Food Pantry and open it up again to help provide for the women they serve.

All of the donations from Anoka packed up and ready for delivery
Our member, Shirley, on the left with a representative of Breaking Free

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